This is a blog about the miracle of perception, and how very different it can be from inside different bodies, from different places in the world, at different points in our unfolding stories. It is about how we build meaning for our lives from the patient practice of staying awake to the gifts that flow to us through the five senses, and from seeking to understand the radically diverse perceptions of others.

I, Sari Brown, am the primary contributor, and I am a native of the North American state of Michigan, surrounded by the largest bodies of sweet water in the world, where great cities and factories have flowered and withered, and even still new artistic and social movements keep springing up in the cracks of the concrete. I have also lived in and loved the countries of Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, and most recently,  Colombia. There I have breathed the brave, cold air of the Andean mountains where rebels hide from the machine of political suppression and ordinary folks fight for their lives; where food and dancing and drinking and Bibles and invention and laughter create hopeful hearts even after more than half a century of war. From these different vantage points, I seek to uncover the layers of meaning that one can sense in the ordinary realities of a particular place.

This is a blog for people who still don’t quite know what they were put on this earth for, but who try to faithfully express what they see, hear, smell, touch and taste on this earth. I find language for my experiences through the lenses of art, literature, anthropology, and theology, yet I also try to reach beyond such conceptual frameworks to simply embrace what it means to be human and to relate to the world through our five senses, our humble bodies and our mysterious souls.

This all began as a vision elaborated between me and my dear friend Amy Tartaglia, and it is intended to remain a collaborative effort. We hope that you will consider writing your own accounts of how you perceive the world and contribute it to the dialogue. If you wish to do so, please contact: sarilynnbrown (at) gmail.com.


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